Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chivu to start training again

"Romanian international 'Cristi' Chivu is going to start training again after skull surgery, his club Inter Milan announced today (Tues).

At first he will engage in individual rather than team training.

Chivu may return to the field at the end of March or the beginning of April.

Chivu suffered a skull fracture during a match his team won against Chievo on 6 January in Italian Series A play.

Chivu, 29, who is the captain of the Romanian national team, injured his head in a duel with Sergio Pellissier and had to undergo head surgery."
Glad to hear he's back on the field. Even so, I understand he must have been horrified (after he actually had the injury and lied in the hospital bed), I saw an image and a youtube video, it was scary! Could have been killed, and doctors even admitted afterwards that he was 'meant' to die but luckily they saved him and he resisted well and now he seems fine. Just don't know how that will affect his football skills now though... - Scroll down for the promised video (in Italian, concerning Chivu's injury).

Here's the youtube video for all of you that are so interested in this you actually scrolled down. Here's your reward!:

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