Monday, November 30, 2009

Brasov overpower Iasi

November 30th 2009|

Home: FC Brasov
Away: Poli Iasi

Final Score: 2-0 to FC Brasov.

FC Brasov - D. Zaharia (70') and S. Sburlea (78')

Early and late goals win it for Unirea

November 30th 2009 |

Home: Unirea Urziceni
Away: Gloria Bistrita

Final Score: 2-0

Unirea - A.P.S Semedo (8') and M.I. Bilasco (83')

Red cards - L. Sinmartean (Gloria Bistrita; 48')

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dinamo grab 3 points from Alba Iulia in 2-0 win

Home: Dinamo Bucuresti
Away: Alba Iulia

Dinamo - C. Niculescu (3') and Marius Niculae (83')

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Ceahlaul vs. Inter

November 28th 2009 - Ceahlaul versus Inter Curtea Arges.

Final Score: 2-2

Ceahlaul - F. Constantin (17') and E. Cebotaru (80')
Inter - C. Lazar (2') and C. Voiculet (89')

Ceahlaul - A. Vitelaru (89'); red card

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CFR Cluj vs. U Craiova

November 28th 2009 - CFR Cluj 1907 plays at home versus Universitatea Craiova.

Final Score: 2-0 to CFR Cluj.

CFR Cluj - Cadu (60') and Y. Kone (71')

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unirea vs. Sevilla - Champions League

November 24th 2009 - Unirea Urziceni vs. Sevilla in the Champions League.

Final score: 1-0 to Unirea.

Unirea Urziceni - Ivica Dragutinovic (45'; own goal)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Craiova overcome failing Ceahlaul

November 23rd 2009 - Universitatea Craiova played Ceaulaul, winning 3-2 over the last place club.

"U" Craiova - Mihai Costea (2'), Florin Costea (37'), and Valentin Badea (86')
Ceahlaul - Ionut Badescu (10') and Eugeniu Cebotaru (57')

Florin Costea is now in first place for top goalscorers in the Liga I, with 8 goals.

Highlights (must be payed for):

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inter Curtea Arges vs. Unirea Urziceni - Livescore and Match Report

In Arges, Unirea played Inter.

Final Score: Inter 1-2 Unirea

The referee of the match

Inter - Voiculet (52')
Unirea Urziceni - M. Bilasco (20') and M. Onofras (39')

Inter - Bacila (33'), Neagu (38'), and Voiculet (39')

Unirea - V. Bordeanu (79')
Inter - E.Koné (88')

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Craiova lose out to mighty CFR in Romanian Cup

Nov 18th 2009 - Universitatea Craiova have lost the "Copa Romaniei" match to CFR Cluj 1-0, with the famous top goal scorer, Dubarbier, giving CFR the win over the low form Stiinta. Also,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brasov put Bistrita out of their misery in Romanian Cup

Nov 17 2009 - FC Brasov have defeated Gloria Bistrita 3-0 in the "Copa Romaniei".

Goals: Hadnagy (4'), Zaharia (30'), Ilyes (Penalty) (60').

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Politehnica Iasi - Universitatea Craiova 0-3

Just an update from October 28th, was unable to post then, sorry;

Universitatea Craiova played in 1/8 Cup of Romania against Politehnica Iasi. Even though U Craiova lost the game against Iasi in the Liga I, this time they played well. It was a spectacular match that all fans enjoyed. Additionally, Dorel Stoica made his return in this match, and we all hope he will continue to stay with us.

Craiova's Lineup Medier - Bădoi, Găman, Stoica, Mitchell (sub. '90 Firtulescu) - Prepeliţă (sub. '76 Wobay), Dilevski, Rose, Şoavă - M. Costea sub. '89 Dina), F. Costea.

Goals: Mihai Costea ('25[pen.], 42') and Florin Costea ('88).
Also, Medier saved a penalty kick in the 78th minute of the match.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

D. Niculae scores to give Romania the win

Daniel Niculae scored in the 59th minute to give Romania the friendly international win over Poland.

Romanian Lineup - Pantilimon - Maftei, Rădoi, Chivu, Raţ - Roman, Apostol, Codrea, Tănase - Niculae, Marica.
Reserve: Coman, Săpunaru, Ghioane, Varga, Neşu, Goian, Nicoliţă, Andrei Cristea, Bucur, Grigore, Galamaz.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kapetanos scores 2 for mighty Steaua

Today, Steaua Bucuresti played at home versus Alba Iulia.

Goals: Steaua Bucuresti - Kapetanos (78', 54')

Yellow cards: Alba Iulia - Vitinha (32'), Veljovici (47'), Cernea (57')

Highlights must be paid for to watch, but here it is if you want to:

I'll try to find a free video but I can't find one currently.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rapid score 2 minutes after the start and Dinamo score 2 minutes before the end

Today, Dinamo Bucuresti (home) tied 1-1 against the powerful Rapid Bucuresti (away), who are currently in first place in the Liga I.

Dinamo Bucuresti - C. Niculescu (88')
Rapid Bucuresti - A. Ionita (2')

Unbelievable how Rapid scored two minutes after the start and Dinamo scored 2 minutes before the final whistle.

A. Ionita's goal

C. Niculescu's goal

Dubarbier gives CFR the win over Ploiesti

Home: CFR Cluj 1907
Away: CSM Astra Ploiesti

Final Score: 1-0 to CFR Cluj.

Goals: CFR Cluj - S. Dubarbier (55')
Red cards: CFR Cluj - N. Claro (44')
Yellow cards: None
Substitutions: None

Comments: Did you know? - N. Claro, the player who received the red card and plays for CFR Cluj, is the second best goalkeeper in the league. He was sent off in the 44th minute. To see his offense, watch the match summary/highlights below.

Match Highlights

Otelul vs. Timisoara - Match Report

Home: Otelul
Away: FC Timisoara

Final Score: 3-3
Goals: Otelul - M. Axente (24', 42') and J.Ibeh (56')
FC Timisoara - H. Chiacu (51'), L. Magera (81'), and S. Luchin (90'; own goal)

Otelul - 1. Baotici, 23. Sălăgean, 18. Sg. Costin, 16. Sârghi, 3. Rîpă, 6. Pătraş, 15. Ibeh, 29. Giurgiu, 26. Neagu, 7. L. Iorga, 9. Axente;
Subs -> 22. Abraham, 2. Cîrjă, 31. Jelev, 30. G. Paraschiv, 37. Viglianti, 10. Mojsov, Nicolici; Manager -> Dorinel Munteanu.

FC Timisoara - 29. Pantilimon, 2. , 26. Mera, 16. Luchin, 20. Maxim, 26. Chiacu, 8. Vršič, 13. Scutaru, 77. Curtean, 18. G. Bucur, 27. Magera;
Subs -> 99. Taborda, 6. Nibombe, 10. Art. Karamyan, 17. Borbély, 23. Cl. Ionescu, 7. Stancu, 21. Goga; Manager -> Ioan Ovidiu Sabău.

Match Highlights

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brasov vs. Unirea - Match Report

Home: FC Brasov
Away: Unirea Urziceni

Final Score: 0-0.

A goalless match, though there were many close chances for both clubs to score.

Ceahlaul vs. Vaslui - Match Report

Home: Ceahlaul
Away: FC Vaslui

Final Score: 0-1; Goals: Vaslui - M. Temwanjera (42')

M. Temwanjera's match-winning goal

Gaz Metan vs. Poli Iasi - Livescore and Match Report

Home: Gaz Metan.
Away: Poli Iasi.

Final Score: 2-1 to Gaz Metan.

Goals: Gaz Metan - C. Silvasan (11') and O.Hoban (85')
Poli Iasi - R. Miclea (44')
Red cards: Poli Iasi - C. Bratu (31')
Yellow cards: None.

Match Highlights

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bistrita manage a draw with might Pandurii

The match was played in Pandurii. The game ended in a draw, the final score 1-1. The two goals were scored by Keita, the 18 minute of the game, that Tilinca, with 6 minutes before the final whistle. Gloria Bistrita had a good chance of winning this, and unfortunately the tie doesn't help them much considering they are at the bottom of the table (17th/18 places).

Gloria Bistrita - S. Keita (18')
Pandurii - C. Tilinca (83')

Match Highlights and Goals - Match Summary

Top Goalscorers in the Liga I

# Name Goals

1. Ovidiu Herea 7
2. Florin Costea 7
3. Mugurel Buga 6
4. Andrei Cristea 5
5. Liviu Ganea 5
6. Dorin Goga 5
7. Wesley Lopes 4
8. Alexandru Păcurar 4
9. Lacina Traore 4
10. Janos Szekely 3
11. Vlad Bujor 3

U Craiova defeat Inter!

Today, Universitatea Craiova won 1-0 away, versus Internaţional Curtea de Argeş.

Goals: "U" Craiova - M.Dina (43').

Red cards: Inter - C. Frasineanu in the 65th minute.

Dina's goal - 43rd minute

Frăsineanu's violent tackle results in red card

Thursday, November 5, 2009

CFR Cluj barely lose to Sparta

Today, Sparta Prague defeated CFR Cluj in the Europa League.
Final Score: 3-2 to Sparta.

Red cards: CFR Cluj - G. Muresan (64') and B. Mara (88').

Goals: Sparta Prague - J. Holenda (6', 13') and B. Wilfried (90')
CFR Cluj - L.Traore (25') and S.Dubarbier (90').

An interesting match, Dubarbier managed to draw the match in the 90th minute, but Sparta immediately scored in the same minute, resulting in the Romanian club's loss.

Highlights to be posted.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Unirea vs. Rangers - Livescore and Report

Today, Unirea are playing against the Scottish club, Glasgow Rangers FC. They already won 4-1 in Scotland, now they are playing in Bucharest. Any predictions?

My prediction: 3-0 to Unirea.

Final score: Unirea 1-1 Rangers.

Goals: Unirea Urziceni - M.Onofras (88'); Glasgow Rangers - L.McCulloch (78').

I really believe Unirea should have won this match. I can't believe they only drew in Romania... They had many shots that should have been in the back of the net (a few cross bars, one was from an incredible angle, from the edge of the field near the flag and he hit the cross bar).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mike Dean's interview - Fans in Scotland are good supporters

Double reds in the same minute; U Cluj take over Petrosani

Liga II/B (second division of second league):

Today, Universitatea Cluj (away) have defeated Jiul Petrosani (home). Final Score: 2-0.

Goals: U Cluj - Lemnaru (5') and Machado (22').

Cards: Red; Jiul Petrosani - Lutu (78'); U. Cluj - Machado (78').
Yellow; none.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lupescu: Unirea will have no problem with the Rangers

Lupescu is decided that the Glasgow Rangers will be no obstacle in the Romanian Champions League club's path. After winning 4-1 away, they shouldn't have much of difficult match at home.

Click for the video link

Gaz Metan manage an away draw with Bistrita

Today, Gloria Bistrita tied Gaz Metan 1-1.

Goals: G. Bistrita - S. Keita (6'); Gaz Metan - C. Silvasan (69').

Match highlights will be posted later on.

FC Brasov vs. Pandurii 2-0

FC Brasov defeated Pandurii today, final score 2-0 to Brasov.

Goals: M. Maldarasanu (44'), R.Ilyes (61').

Match Highlights will be posted later on.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Round 12: FC Vaslui vs. Inter 1-0

FC Vaslui won 1-0 today, November 1st, at home against the newly-promoted International Court de Arges, and as Marius Lacatus won a fourth consecutive championship victory since the bank 'Tehnica' took over Moldovan (area in Romania) club.

Scorers: 1-0 Serge Akakpo (4')

FC Vaslui: Hăisan - Buhusi, Akakpo, Zubar, Hugo Luz - Burdujan (Milisavljevic 89') Ghencev, R. Costin (Pavlovic 56'), Gerl (Delgado 74') - Wesley, Temwanjera. Coach: Marius Lacatus

International: Popa - Matthew D, Viera, Ratiu, Neagu (C. Lazarus 77') - Abiodun, Vezan, Izvoranu (Voiculeţ 72') Frăsineanu - Zăgrean, Răduţa (ITU 45). Coach: Stefan Stoica

Yellow cards: Burdujan 55, Buhus 89 - D. Matthew 62, 70 Izvoranu
Referees: Georgian Ionescu - Vladimir Urzică, Stelian Slabu
Stadium: Municipal; Attendance: 3000

How he scored the goal:

1-0, min. 4: Akakpo opened the score with a header in the center of the net, following the cross on the right side of the field from his teammate Temwanjera.

In the last minutes of the first half, Akakpo Răduţa clashed his head violently-and after the incident, was substituted because his jaw was broken and, after receiving 5 minute care was taken with by the ambulance with his neck immobilized right on the field. Stefan Stoica was replaced immediately with Itu Răduţa.

Next match, Marius Lacatus's team will play away versus Ceahlăul Piatra-Neamt, while International will play at home against "U" Craiova.

Late loss for the Stiinta

Liga I

Universitatea Craiova, or Stiinta, lost to the UCL contenders, Unirea Urziceni, yesterday.

1-0, min. 26: Varga scores the first goal for Unirea Urziceni, with a nice shot to the top corner of the net.

1-1, min. 53: Trica took the free kick and striker Mihai Costea chested the ball and then powerfully shot the ball past Arlauskis (Unirea GK).

2-1 min. 59: Bălan passed through two opponents and then scored.

2-2 min. 69: Dina gave a cross to Wobay, who stopped the ball with his chest, and then scored with a marvelous scissors kick through two opponents and and the goalkeeper behind him. Wobay plays for the Sierra Leone National Team by the way.

3-2 min. 90 +2: Bălan sent the ball in the box after a free kick from 25 meters and Bilaşco, unmarked, deflected the ball with his head and into the back of the net.

Highlights: Not yet fully released.