Saturday, January 9, 2010

La Liga - Sevilla vs. Santander

Sevilla vs. Santander - LIVE match no longer available as it is finished.

Quick Match Report

Match finished 2-1 to Santander.

Santander - S. Canales (26' and 38')
Sevilla - Romaric (62')

NEW!: Now will be broadcasting LIVE matches for FREE!

Greetings to all Romanian Football Blog readers,

We will now be broadcasting LIVE matches for FREE, thanks to vShare.

You can select one of the available channels/pages at the top or side of the blog. Currently we only have 5 or 6, but we will continue to grow. We will post information on a certain match and if it is on an available channel, a link will be provided at the bottom of the post.

We are still testing this though, not completely sure if it will work. We suggest you subscribe to us and the rss feed so that you may know when a match will be on, or if you know the time already, check to see if we're broadcasting it. If the video box is black, then it either hasn't started, is finished, or there is a problem broadcasting.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, coming very soon to the Romanian Football Blog!

NOTE: We will also show live matches out of Romania, such as Italy, England, Germany, Spain, France, and many other countries.