Wednesday, February 24, 2010

´Stupid´ Liverpool Kops it - How ridiculous these fans can be

"Liverpool has kopped it from cup rivals in Romania after a series of slip ups on the Premiership club's official website.

Rafa Benitez's team are due to play the country's Unirea Urziceni FC tomorrow (Thursday) in the second leg of their Europa Cup showdown.

But Liverpool's official website has infuriated fans by saying the match will take place in Budapest - the capital of Hungary - instead of Bucharest in Romania.

Kop fans are also being told they're playing Unirea Urzicini, misspelling the club's name.

"We know the British are quite stupid and usually very ignorant of other countries but schoolchildren could get this right," said one Romanian fan. "It seems the people in Liverpool are even more stupid than normal for England."

Now the country's top selling newspaper Libertatea has hit back dubbing Liverpool 'Liver-pul', Romanian slang for d***head."
I'm very angry with the Liverpudlians' attitudes, and got really pissed off reading this. Shame on them, they're acting like little kids, they should grow up and stop looking like a bunch of idiots. This is how it is a lot of times with the English (especially Liverpool), if they're scared of a team or aren't happy with performances they'll be stupid like this and insult the other parties, which is absolutely ridiculous. These fans should be punished severely by FIFA, who the hell do they think they are?