Monday, December 28, 2009

What's up with Florin Costea?

Florin Costea, who has been playing for Universitatea Craiova for a few good seasons, is now being transferred to another club. This club, is yet to be confirmed.

Celtic (Scotland), Fulham (England), Portsmouth (England), and Wolfsburg (Germany) are all clubs looking to be able to sign him. The Porto, Shalke, and Koln claims are now over, but it is still very competitive between those 4 big clubs.

These are the clubs I think he should focus most on (in order of most important to least important):

1. Fulham
2. Wolfsburg
3. Celtic
4. Portsmouth

I am hoping he gets offered a good sum by either Fulham or Wolfsburg. Celtic wouldn't be too bad either, but I think he'd best stay out of Scotland.

Post your comments and opinions on the subject.

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