Write for RFB

Do you want to show off your writing skills or just want to have fun posting your very own football articles?

Well then this is the place for you. You can become a writer for our blog very easily, just create a blogger/Google account, contact me (Hagibest) by viewing my profile or just e-mail me at filipb@comcast.net.

Let me know what you're username is and I will add you to the blog so you can start contributing. Also please note that we are currently not able to provide any paying positions, but hopefully that's not the only thing you care about in life. Participating in this will also give you experience and will be great for the future if you plan actually applying for a paying job at a top blog or newspaper, thus increasing your chances of getting accepted.

 There are only 3 simple and easy-to-follow guidelines:

1. Only very mild swearing is allowed in posts, and this cannot be very often.
2. No focused and/or intentional references to religion, race, or anything sexual.
3. NO SPAM OR ADVERTISEMENT WILL BE TOLERATED. So don't even bother applying if you intend to carry out your 'career' with us in this way.

All of your contributions are very appreciated and your support is welcomed. We will happily repay you for your services for a job well-done in methods other than payment (ex. promoting your blog by adding it as a link on the top-right of the blog of sites to check out, helping you with any problems you may be experiencing [about anything], etc.).