Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CFR Cluj wins with penalty kick in minute 93

Leaders CFR Cluj won with a final goal in the third minute of extra time giving them a 3-2 victory in Monday’s match against Universitatea Craiova.

CFR Cluj managed to win despite playing with only ten players after Hugo Alcantara was sent off with a red card in the 37th minute.

Universitatea Craiova seemed to have the match in the bag as half time finished with them 2-0 up with goals from  Alexandru Piturca in minute 12 and Mihai Costea in minute 21.

But CFR Cluj came out fighting in the 2nd half with goals from Lacina Traore (minute 63), Cristi Bud (minute 84) and then Rocardo Cadu (minute 93) with a penalty strike.

CFR Cluj has now secured another step towards winning the local championship, having 63 points, four more than FC Timisoara, with 59.

Chivu suspended for one match

Romanian international Cristi Chivu has been suspended after his team Inter Milan won the Italy Cup for obscene gestures he made against AS Rome supporters a week earlier.

Inter Milan won this year Italy Cup, 1-0, against AS Rome.

Francesco Totti has also been suspended for four matches, after a violent attack against Mario Balotelli, in the same match. And Balotelli has been suspended for one match, for protesting.

Chivu, who is the captain of the Romanian national team, played for AS Rome between 2003 to 2007, when he transferred to Inter Milan.

Inter Milan has also qualified in the Champions League final, where it meets Bayern.