Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dinamo win derby against Craiova

Dinamo Bucuresti faced Universitatea Craiova at home, winning the derby match 2-1 over the Stiinta.

Even so, I quote "Dinamo won again because of the referee and remains the most disgusting in the Liga I."

Match Highlights (second half only):

Goals were scored by Boştină ('8) and Marius Niculae ('17) for the home team (Dinamo) and Mihai Dina ('19)

1-0: Marius Niculae gave a header to Boştină and the dinamovist midfielder shot from about five metres from left side from the long corner.

In minute 13, Florin Costea escaped to be left alone with no one but Dolha in the defense, and Moti tackled Florin Costea from behind, who in turn fell over, but the referee did not award a penalty kick. U. Craiova club officials protested vehemently, and the club's sporting director, Silvian Cristescu, entered the referee's account calling center field but was it was ignored.

2-0: Andrei Cristea helped to extend the score with a header, and the ball reached Marius Niculae, who placed it in the net from about three to four meters.

2-1: Mihai Dina reduced the difference on the scoreboard after he shot after receiving the ball from a corner on the right side taken by Paunovic.

In the 34th minute, Torje tried to surprise Silviu Lung Jr. with a centred shot, but the ball hit the cross-bar.

Full Time: Dinamo Bucharest - Universitatea Craiova 2 to 1 (2-1) Scorers: 1-0 Gabriel Bostina (8), 2-0 Marius Niculae (17), 2-1 Michael Dina (19)

Dinamo: Dolha - Molinero, D. Gregory, Moti, Pulhac - N'Doye - Torje (Alex '88), Boştină (D. Kone '77), Ad. Cristea - M. Nicolas, and. Cristea (Cl. Niculescu 90 3). Coach: Cornel Ţălnar.

Universitatea Craiova: Long Jr. - Bărboianu, V. Gaman, Iliev, Balak - Quail, Paunovic (Trica '51), Dina (Al. Piţurcă '82), Firţulescu (Gângioveanu '61) - M. Costea, Costea Fl. Coach: Mark Wotte.

Yellow cards: A. Cristea '14, '26 M. Niculae, Molinero '67, '75 Moţi - Fl Costea '14, Tricia '59, '61 Quail.

Referees: Augustus Constantin (Central) - Ionel Popa, Sebastian Stoianof (assistant) - Lucian Ruşandu (reserve).

Linesmen: Alexandru Boc, Vasile Curt.

Supervisor: Valentin Alexander.

The match's attendance: about 9,000 spectators.
I think that we (Craiova) deserved to win the match, even if we played poorly, especially in the second half. We had many chances to score and also deserved to get a penalty, which was ridiculously denied by the horrible ref. We still have much to fix this season... Also, Silviu Lung Jr. did a great job as keeper for us, he made some amazing saves despite having conceded 2 goals.