Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chivu to play for Inter Milan again in April

Inter Milan football player Cristi Chivu is going to return to the pitch in April, according to

Chivu, who is also the captain of the Romanian national football team, is probably going to play in the match with Inter-Bologna on 3 April.

His manager, Giovanni Becali, has been quoted as saying: "I think he is going to be ready to go back on the pitch in a month. He has been recovering very well."

Chivu suffered a skull fracture during a match his team won against Chievo on 6 January in Italian Series A play.

Chivu, 29, injured his head in a duel with Sergio Pellissier and had to undergo head surgery.
Glad to see him back on his feet again. One of Romania's most disciplined and top players, just love the guy. Get in there, Cristi! I just hope he hasn't been affected too negatively by that horrible injury, hopefully he'll play with the same quality again.