Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mutu wanted by Al-Sadd

Romanian striker Adrian Mutu has been offered a king-size salary of 6 million Euros per season in Qatar by Al-Sadd, Calciomercato revealed today (Tues).
The Fiorentina striker is among ten players the club wants to sell in the summer along with Frey, Vargas and Pasqual.

But his leaving is conditional on the suspension he faces for two positive doping tests. Caciomercato says he will be sold if he gets a suspension of more than 6 months.

His case will be tried by the Italian National Antidoping Court on 19 April.
Italian anti-doping prosecutors have called for a one-year suspension of Romanian international Adrian Mutu after the Fiorentina player was suspended indefinitely in February for failing anti-doping tests.

Mutu, 31, tested positive for sibutramine in tests carried out on 10 January after a match with Bari and on 20 January after a match with Lazio.