Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Romania to face France in Euro 2012 qualification competition

"Romania, France, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Albania and Luxembourg will play in Group D in qualifying competition for Euro 2012.

A draw for qualifying competition occurred yesterday (Sun. Feb. 8th) in Warsaw, Poland.

The Romanian delegation to Warsaw included national football team coach Razvan Lucescu, general manager and secretary general of the Romanian Football Federation Ionut Lupescu and Adalbert Kassai, respectively, and federation sports director Daniel Prodan.

Each team in the qualifying groups will play one another on a home-and-away basis. The competition will start in early September 2010 and conclude with playoffs in November 2011.

Euro 2012 co-hosts Poland and Ukraine will qualify automatically, along with the nine group winners and best runner-up, and the other eight second-place sides will engage in playoffs in November 2011."

I honestly think we can do much better than our horrible performance during the World Cup 2010 European Qualifiers, that was absurd. I also don't think Lucescu is a good coach, I think he's a terrible manager and Petrescu or someone of the like should be managing Romania. He made horrible player selections and tactics and training and all that, clearly didn't do much good for us. I hope we can change that in the Euro 2012 Qualifiers and get our revenge on France, one of our biggest rivals at the moment!*

*We've played them three times in less than two years (Euro 2008 and the WCQs [2 times]).

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