Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mutu fined €23,000 by his club for brawling and smoking

"Romanian international Adrian Mutu is facing new problems after his suspension for testing positive with a banned substance, as his club Fiorentina has decided to fine him 23,000 Euros, it was revealed Wednesday.

Mutu is being fined 16,500 Euros for his involvement in a fracas with a Lebanese citizen last year. Mutu hit the man during a party at the luxury Four Seasons hotel in Florence in December, according to the Italian media.

The 43-year-old Lebanese had to seek treatment at Santa Maria Nuova hospital.

His behaviour raised eyebrows at his team, as Fiorentina's administrator Sandro Mencucci said in an interview that Mutu shouldn't have been partying at 3am.

"Even if he was the victim of aggression, he should have been sleeping at 3am, not wandering around. He must behave as a player, which he knows how to do," Mencucci was quoted as saying. And now the club has announced he is going to be fined for the incident.

Mutu is also being fined 6,500 Euros for having been caught smoking inside the stadium, a violation of club rules, raising the total amount of the fines to 23,000 Euros.

Mutu was suspended indefinitely after testing positive twice in January for a substance called sibutramine, which is used to reduce appetite."


Adrian Mutu, no matter how amazing his skills with the ball are, is just an idiot. That's the second time being caught for drugs, whether or not there was a good reason for it. He still continues to participate in unacceptable behaviour (like smoking in the stadium). Major acts performed: drugs (twice), cop chase, appearing in explicit material(s)/magazine(s), smoking in a stadium, knocking out a man at a party at 3:00 A.M. (even though he was defending himself), and more. Sad that he does these things to himself.

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