Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Romania will reach Euro 2012, says coach


Romania's national football team will qualify at the European Championship in 2012, coach Razvan Lucescu said today (Mon).

Lucescu said he was "convinced" Romania would play for the Euro 2012.

Romania failed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup, in Group 7, where it played against France, Serbia, Austria and Faroes Islands.

He also said Cristian Chivu is the symbol of the Romanian national team, referring to the fact that Chivu won on Saturday the Champions League final, as he played until minute 68 for his team Inter Milan.

The team is preparing for three friendly matches scheduled for May and June.


  1. I hope this idiot coach understands that we need to more than just make the Euro in 2012, we should at least reach the quarter-finals and even the semis. That should be the minimum target for a team like ours. We nearly made the quarters in it 2008, but Mutu just had to miss the penalty that would have seen us through the group in our tie game against Italy. He better do a good job this time or he'll be fired for sure. He's worse than France's Domenech... way wore, in fact. We have some of the best players in the world but because he's such a terrible coach, he's ruining all the tactics and calling-up a lot of crap players and stuff... made us look really bad in the WCQs, we should have qualified as at least a runner-up in that group, absolutely shameful.

  2. I'm From Brazil and so romania fan! Brazil x Romania in Pacaembu stadium, i ll be there shout "romania, romania, romania"!!! FORZA ROMANIA!

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