Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lawyer says Mutu could receive a less-severe sanction

"A famous Italian lawyer has said Romanian international Adrian Mutu can get a less-severe sanction if he proves his sporting efficiency wasn’t boosted by the use of sibutramine.

According to, lawyer Pier Filippo Capello, a well-known lawyer on sports matters in Italy and the son of England's coach Fabio Capello, said the Fiorentina player could receive a less-severe sanction.

Capello also said that any sports player who had used dope before risked a serious penalty for another violation.

Mutu may also be considered a recidivist, as he tested positive for cocaine in 2004 while playing for Chelsea.

Mutu recently appeared before Italian Olympic Committee anti-doping prosecutors in Rome in the sibutramine doping case.

The Italian National Anti-doping Court indefinitely suspended Mutu in February after he had failed anti-doping tests.

Mutu tested positive for sibutramine in tests carried out on 10 January after a match with Bari and on 20 January after a match with Lazio.

Mutu scored two goals in the match against Lazio Roma that Fiorentina won by a score of 3-2. His team thereby qualified for the Italy Cup semi-finals.

Sibutramine is an anorectic or appetite suppressant that reduces a person’s desire to eat."

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  1. Good for him, I really hope that he can return to Fiorentina, he would be great for them seeing their bad form.